“The details are not the details,
they make the design.”

Charles Eames

bathroom design and remodeling

Bathroom Design & Remodeling Christchurch

NC Design for those who want quality bathroom design in Christchurch.

At NC Design it’s our job to guide clients through what can often feel like a daunting and at times 
stressful task and turn it into an enjoyable experience with results to match.

Kitchens and bathrooms are 
without a doubt amongst, if not the most important, hardest 
working spaces in the home and they generally cost a fair sum of money. Getting the details right is essential to ensure your new space is a pleasure to use and an 
investment in your home.

NC Design strives to give our clients not only a service that’s second to none but the absolute best spaces their money can buy.

Through our design process we get to know our clients and how they live, play and of course… cook!

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